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Building your brand through emotional storytelling

Your business has more meaningful stories to tell than you realize. The kinds of stories Alaskans will relate to and remember.

At James Gaddis Media Strategies, we help you find and tell stories that will inspire, inform, educate and raise awareness of your business. Not just what you sell, but who you are. What drives you. The impact your product or service makes in your community. The tireless work you put in behind the scenes to build your business and employ Alaskans, enabling them to put food on the table and send kids to college.

Through an extensive Q&A session, we’ll peel away the layers to get to the heart of your business and tell emotional stories that will leave a lasting impact.


Why wait (and hope) the media will cover it?

Having 20 years experience in TV news, I know the media doesn’t always have the time, or desire, to cover your story.

The thing is, you don’t have to wait on them. We’ve got seasoned professionals to do it for you.

Our stories are produced in a similar, mini-documentary fashion:

We research, gather interviews, shoot “b-roll,” write and edit your story into 2 to 3-minute “packages” with narration and music to set the mood.

The final product is yours to keep and use as you please as part of your marketing strategy.

~ James


  • TV News-style “packages” - Our bread & butter

  • Vignette Videos: Behind the scenes / How To / Tips & Tricks / Customer testimonials

  • Videography: When you just need some high quality video.

    We capture up to 4k video at your request. (Think events/fundraisers/charity work/corporate retreats/etc)

  • Photography


  • Creative press release writing

  • Story Generation Sessions: Uncover and develop stories media are more willing to cover

  • Newsroom 101 - Insider Insight: How Newsrooms work / Who to contact and the best times to do it

  • Be the Expert: How to get on TV/Radio/Print when your industry is making headlines


  • On-camera talent: Commercials, online videos, Facebook LIVE hosting

  • Voiceover

  • Event Hosting

Co-Founder James Gaddis

Co-Founder James Gaddis

Our Storytellers

Previously Alaska’s News Anchor in the Morning, Co-founder James Gaddis is a seasoned storyteller, journalist and television news broadcaster with 20 years experience.

During his time working for the CBS affiliate in Anchorage, James built lasting connections with the community and a priceless understanding of Alaska’s people.

James began his storytelling adventure in Grand Junction, Colorado at KREX-TV. As a “one-man-band,” he shot, wrote and edited all of his stories. This would lay the groundwork for a successful career as a multi-media journalist.

He would rise to main anchor at WBNG in Binghamton, and NewsChannel 9 in Syracuse, New York, before landing in Anchorage in 2013.

James is married to Co-Founder Tarah Lehman-Gaddis. The two live in Anchorage with four kids, two dogs, a mortgage and a vested interest in the community.

James also donates his time to local charities and non-profits, including Special Olympics Alaska, where he regularly hosts and emcees Opening Ceremonies and fundraisers.

Be sure to check out some of his favorite Alaska stories below.


Darci’s Dash

Story of a Champion. We followed athlete Darci Owen's before, during and after her 50-meter-dash at Special Olympics Alaska's 2019 Summer Games.

New Zealanders compete in Rondy snow sculpture competition

This is a story Fur Rondy organizers said the media didn’t have time to cover.

So, they turned to us to make it happen.

In less than 24 hours we created an entertaining and informative piece that quickly became one of the festival’s most viewed videos on Facebook.

Alaska Cake Studio Cares

No narration needed.

This is a short story about one businesses’ effort to give back to their community. It’s told with a mix of testimonials, text and touching music.

Alaskan’s Star Wars-Inspired Go Kart

At Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, James documented a one-of-a-kind go kart built by Brian Peterson of Eagle River … and in the process, uncovered what really drives his passion for Star Wars.

Voiceover/Radio Commercial Production

TrailerCraft Freightliner of Alaska is hiring! We helped get the word out by producing this thirty-second long radio spot.

Star Wars Celebration 2019 - Chicago

Want a video montage to highlight your event/fundraiser/convention/etc? We do that too!

Here’s an example from Star Wars Celebration 2019 in Chicago, where James spent a good portion of the convention capturing the sights and sounds from a galaxy far, far away.

Liftin’ & Lovin’

Capturing the moment! We came to see the legendary Bobby Hill power lift at the Special Olympics Alaska Summer Games. What we captured was a touching moment between him and a friend :)

the TV news archives

Close Encounter at Hallo Bay

This is one of James' favorite "Only in Alaska" stories.

Back in his TV news days, he documented bear viewing at Hallo Bay Bear Camp inside Katmai National Park.

Profile of an Alaska Teacher

As part of a weekly segment, James profiled local educators to find out the secret of their success and what drives their passion to teach. Telling these stories gave the community a greater connection to the men and women who are helping our kids grow socially and academically.

Valley Performing Arts Celebrates 40 Years in Wasilla

One way to connect Alaskans with your business, is to show them how you got there! As a local theater celebrated it's 40th anniversary in Wasilla, James set out to build connections by giving his morning-show viewers a history lesson.

Kodiak men treated unfairly in reality TV series?


Clients & Collaborators


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Fur Rendezvous

Events Host & Emcee

Events Host & Emcee

Podcast Host

Podcast Host

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Commercial Voiceover


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