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Video is your most important online marketing tool … if you’ve got the time, means, creativity and willingness to make them. We do.


Flat on the Spot: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Quick Clip for cAKe

cAKe Studio received some online recognition. We popped in and turned around a high-quality clip in just a few hours.

Real Estate

Real estate agents! Listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those which do not include video.

Trailercraft Celebrates 50 Years in Alaska

TrailerCraft is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. We've been tasked with telling their story. You'd be surprised to know just how wide its impact has been on all of us here in Alaska.

Built-In, On-Camera Talent

James is always ready to go on camera for clients who might prefer to stay behind the scenes. In this Facebook & Instagram ad, he helps promote a cAKe Studio contest. The post was viewed thousands of times, leading to hundreds of engagements and a major boost to cAKe’s brand awareness.

Yoga in the Redwoods

Social Media content your followers will make an emotional connection to. Even if you don't yoga, you can still feel the magical and powerful prescence of the giant Redwoods. How amazing it is to look up and know they've stood for centuries.

Liftin’ & Lovin’

Capturing the moment! We came to see Bobby Hill power lift at the Special Olympics Alaska Summer Games. What we left with, was a touching moment between him and a friend.

Donation Inspiration

This piece played during the 2019 Alaska Travel Industry Association Foundation luncheon in Juneau. The aim, was to inspire atendees to donate to the cause.

Online Ads

:20 YouTube commercial spot for Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center

Artist Spotlight

Our client cAKe Studio wanted their resident artist highlighted to help promote First Friday.